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This year, the Coupe Icare receive the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival

A high-mountain festival at sea level

In December, Bilbao is full of alpinists, adventurers, sportmen, filmmakers, producers and artists of international renown. Since its beginning in 2008, Bilbao Mendi Film Festival (BMFF) has become one of the international benchmarks within the series of film festivals related to mountaineering, climbing, adventure and extreme sports. It has also become, in record time, one of the main lures within the sector.

But BMFF is way more than just cinema. Due to the numerous parallel activities, it keeps growing every year and bringing to everybody's reach creativity, inspiration, spreading, training and, above all, fun. Proof of this is the fact that the amount of people attending the festival keeps growing year after year; up to the point where in the last edition about 9,000 people joined the festival.

Among the several activities organized throughout the festival, we must point out the photography exhibitions displayed in different corners of the city, especially the ones displayed in Metro Bilbao, as they receive over 2 million visits.


The literature events, lectures or performances such as the one with Jeremy Collins or with renowned chefs previously rewarded with the Michelin star attract every kind of people that enjoy and learn with the experience.

The presentation of the National Geographic grants for young explorers is an exclusive benchmark in Southern Europe.

And mountaineering activities were a must: climbing the very well-known Pagasarri, specialized courses like the one about climbing with Patxi Usobiaga and Adam Ondra, proffessional climbings in different spots of the city or even in the official hotel of the Festival. We cannot forget either the events for kids in climbing centres, slackline, and many others that keep making the mountain and sport lovers come to the city.

One of the main projects of the BMFF is Mendi Tour. It takes the best of every edition to different cities and has already arrived to Mexico.

Do not miss the next edition and come join the “Mendi” family, part of a high-mountain festival at sea level.

Next Festival : From the 9th to the 18th December 2016


The Bilbao Mendi Film Festival has selected the following program:...

Darklight (8') de Mike Brown
Official Selection BMFF 2015
'Darklight' takes viewers back into a new world of light and colour. Follow professional mountain bikers Graham Agassiz, Matt Hunter, and Matty Miles on a mind-bending night ride through the moonscapes of Southern Utah to the Ewok forests of the Pacific Northwest.

55 Hours in Mexico (9') de Joey Schuslery & Karl Thompson
Official Selection BMFF 2015
Fly to Veracruz on Friday, rent a car, climb the third highest peak in North America, ski off the summit and go back to work on Monday. A funny and crazy adventure for the weekend.

Cascada (7'40") de Anson Fogel & Skip Armstrong
Best Short Film BMFF 2013
Tangled vines. Endless rain. Dodgy hotel romos. Mud Biting flies. Aggressive viruses… Perfection. Is this a vacation? Erik Boomer, Tyler Bradt, Galen Volckhausen, Tim Kemple, Anson Fogel, Blake Hendrix, and Skip Armstrong hunt the remote Mexican jungle for the perfect waterfall…. And the perfect shot. Paddler and cinematographer alike explore a world beyond the expected.

The Warmth of Winteer (4') de Ben Sturgulewski
Official Selection BMFF 2015
The Warmth of winter is a musical video that invites reflection. It shows the skiing on deep sunny powder days on the northern island of Japan.

Duck tape surfing (5') de Mark Tipple
Best Short Film BMFF 2014
18 years ago a slight lapse in concentration crushed Pascale's dreams of surfing. With the help of a family friend and a roll of duct tape; she can now call herself a surfer.

Icefall (4') de Joseph Areddy
Official Selection BMFF 2015
Dani Arnold, Stefan Siegrist, Aljaz Anderle and other outstanding climbers climb during the night some spectacularly illuminated frozen waterfalls which glitter in the night.  The outcome is a powerful visual experience amidst the arid beauty of the Norwegian icefalls.

The Coast (7’) de Skip Armstrong
Official Selection BMFF 2015
It is the bridge between two worlds, where the known meets mystery. Powerful, unforgiving and exactly what Peters Hayden was looking for. Trading the city for the daily sting of salt water on his skin, Hayden reveals how life on the coast brings him balance like no other place on Earth could.

High and mighty (18') de Nick Rosen
Best Short Film BMFF 2015
Highball bouldering −where a fall could lead to serious injury− is not for the faint of heart. Add to the equation a level of difficulty at climbing’s cutting edge, and things can get downright out of control. Follow Daniel Woods’ epic battle to conquer fear and climb the high ball test-piece, 'The Process'.


Alongside the Coupe association is thirty partner organizations, nearly 1,000 volunteers who participated in the elaboration of this event! Many thanks to them for their time, their energy, their smile and their commitment to our side!

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