Recommendations of the Flight Director


Dear fellow pilots,

First of all, I wish to thank you all in the name of the entire Coupe Icare Organization for your presence and commitment to this year’s upcoming event.

The hang-gliding and paragliding aerobatic demonstrations have been part of our show for over ten years and are unanimously appreciated by our spectators.

Unfortunately last year, the event was overshadowed by a fatal accident.

The special atmosphere of the Coupe Icare and the presence of the spectators can sometimes tempt even the most prudent of pilots to reach and even exceed the limit of their capabilities.

Never forget that the Coupe Icare is not a competition, but a festive event where the guest pilots take part as a way of promoting their favorite sport.

The most important thing will always be to place our sport in the most favorable light in the eyes of the general public.

These spectators will be just as appreciative of the beauty and grace of a well-mastered sequence, performed by pilots keeping a clear margin of error, as of an extreme maneuver that they will not be competent to judge or appreciate.

I am sure that you will all perform in full safety, giving yourselves much pleasure, without putting your safety or that of the public in jeopardy.

Thanks in advance for making this upcoming Coupe Icare, one of the most magical and well controlled.

Gérard Vieux
General Flight Director


The SUP AIP on ZRT Coupe Icare 2016

The DGAC has published the SUP AIP on ZRT Coupe Icare 2016, all pilots, thank you to become acquainted!


Alongside the Coupe association is thirty partner organizations, nearly 1,000 volunteers who participated in the elaboration of this event! Many thanks to them for their time, their energy, their smile and their commitment to our side!

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