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The jury for the ICARES OF CINEMA


The jury for the festival is composed of film and video professionals (programme producers, film directors, etc.) and free flight specialists.





Franck ARNAUD (France)

After doing marketing for Pathé Fox Canal + Vidéo and channel M6, then publicity for agencies: Atomika and Arsenic, today he heads marketing for Paramount Pictures France.

Paraglider pilot. Former holder of the French record for distance by paraglider with 328 km (22 June 2009).
11 times winner of the Regional Distance Cup (CRD) in the plains (2002-2015).
Runner-up of the CFD (French Distance Cup) 2015.
Winner of the French Cup in the plains 2005.





Javier BARAYAZARRA (Spain)


Cameraman, film editor and maker, he has been working since 1989 for Basque Public Television (Euskal Telebista-ETB).

Along with the series « 7 walls, 7 continents », he has made numerous prize-winning films and documentaries principally about climbing and mountaineering across every continent.

A highly experienced mountaineer, he launched the 2008 International Film Festival of Bilbao which he directs today.





Muriel BARRA (France)

Author, filmmaker and producer (Lato Sensu Productions).

Her engaged documentaries on social and environmental themes allow each of us to better understand the world around us and the global issues of today.

« Freedom, la légende des aigles » (« Freedom, legend of the eagles ») received the Icare for Nature and the Icare of the Children of Lumbin in 2015.





Sebastien DEVRIENT (Switzerland)


Filmmaker and producer (Vertiges Prod).

His repertory includes close to 30 documentaries on mountains and mountaineering, adventure  as well as portraits of artists.

He developed a unique technique for making expedition films in complete autonomy by using solar energy.

In 2015, his film « Suspentes et cordes de violon au Pakistan » (Suspension lines and violin strings in Paskistan) was awarded the Icare of the Public and Icare of Aventure. In 2014 for « Violon, parapente et Himalaya », he received the Gold Icare.




Amanda LU (China)



Founder and director of the Kendal Mountain Festival China.

She practices climbing, paragliding, ice falls, trekking… as leisure sports.

Her present plan is to organize an Icare “beyond the borders” film festival in China.




Gwendal PEIZERAT (France)


This accomplished athlete has already chalked up 23 years of engagement as a top-ranked ice skater who boasts the title of 2002 Olympic World Champion for ice dancing.

A multi-disciplined sportsman and adventurer, he has made several climbs over 7000m asl in the Himalayas and completed a film on his expedition to climb Mustagh Ata in 2004.

As paraglider pilot, he was prized for his participation in the Icarnaval.

Today he is the director of a company he created to control equipment and sports installations.


Alongside the Coupe Icare.org association is thirty partner organizations, nearly 1,000 volunteers who participated in the elaboration of this event! Many thanks to them for their time, their energy, their smile and their commitment to our side!

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