Novelties and news of the 43rd

Novelties and news of the 43rd

About the Film Festival Marquee

The Icares of Cinema Marquee has a new look: coloured poetically retro, populated with explorers of the sky and odd creatures straight off the 2016 poster!

Carte Blanche to the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival : A salute to the great Iberian Mountaineering and Adventure Film Festival.

Homages to:
         Pierre Bouilloux with the film projection « Le Triangle » (Saturday at 16:30)
        Tancrède Melet with the film projection « Retour aux Fjords » (Saturday at 16:00)

Skyward : New air shows

  • A French Air Force MS315 and a Normandy Niémen YAK 11 perform
  • Creative new shapes of hot air balloons      
  • In-flight presentation of the Corvus aerobatic ULM
  • A glider/aerobatic plane duet
  • Hybrid wings
  • Slackline between two hot air balloons
  • Jetman, Yves Rossy –– flies in front of the launches of St Hilaire


Paysage>paysages  (literally Landscapes>landscapes) is a novel, unique event, appearing across the Isère Departments during the 3 autumn months of 2016. Sponsored by the Département de l’Isère, it is an experimental artistic proposal. Many artists and authors, of all sorts, will take part in this event.

Jeremy Wood,an English artist, is among the artists invited for the Paysages>Paysages event.

This artist uses GPS data to form works of art. He hopes to obtain your GPS data so as to make a collaborative sky map during the Coupe Icare.
Please send your .gpx files to the following address:

More informations : Le Laboratoire :

At the Lumbin landing

  • An outdoor projection of the Icares of Cinema, Friday night
  • Release of Brazilian paper hot air balloons, Friday night 
  • The new Children’s Corner activities and workshops for tots proposing Disc Golf, initiation to slack-line, kite workshops….
  • Mus’Icare concert Saturday night
  • Etc ….


  • Icare Expo Trade Fair: the Barish Pavilion, bigger than ever
  • A photo montage-souvenir stand (in front of the Expo Welcome Stand)
  • Giant screens in St Hilaire (South Launch and Cafeteria) and Lumbin (landing area), with live broadcast of the costume parade and air shows.
  • Every night, view a recap of day’s events on a giant screen or through Internet.
  • Round Table: Friday, 16:30 – 18:30, The FFVL Security and Technical committee invites you to participate. The theme is « Security and airports » at the Festival marquee 


Alongside the Coupe association is thirty partner organizations, nearly 1,000 volunteers who participated in the elaboration of this event! Many thanks to them for their time, their energy, their smile and their commitment to our side!

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