Information for ULM pilots 2016


COUPE ICARE 2016 : Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2016

1 - All pilots wishing to fly from the microlight field in LUMBIN must complete beforehand a registration card (see format below) and send it back by mail to or in order to get an authorization number from the Flight Directors.

Informations :

Inscription on line before the 9th of september 2016 : click here !

2 – The flight commander (pilot) is the one person responsible for his aircraft.  The CI organization and the Flight Directors of the Coupe Icare deny all responsibility in the event of pilot error.

3 – Each pilot as flight commander must apply clear and focused visual attention to the proximity to all the other aircrafts flying in the various areas of the Coupe Icare (see the flight map showing reserved air space).

4 –  A microlight must always give way and cede priority to a non-motorized aircraft including hang gliders, paragliders, sail planes, hot-air balloons etc. ….

5 – All flight crews (pilots) must hold the up to date originals of their flight authorization documents, notably: pilot license, Registration card for the microlight, radio license, insurance covering the French territory.  These documents must be presented on arrival at the ZRT of the air festival.  There may be representatives of the DGAC/PAF/BGTA (civil aviation authorities etc.) present to perform spot checks.

6- All paramotors (motorized paragliders) are forbidden from the field in the Lumbin area during the Coupe Icare.  A specific flying zone is reserved for the on the plateau of Saint Hilaire.  Please contact Paramotor Flight Director for more details : Noel MAZAUDIER :


II – ACCESS for Microlights to the temporary field in LUMBIN

Flight access and the use of the temporary field in Lumbin implies, that each pilot has:
- Awareness and familiarity with SUP AIP and NOTAM COUPE ICARE 2016
- Prior authorization from the Flight Director (tel: 06 07 03 80 88)
- Fully accepted the specific rules below:
The organizers deny all responsibility related to the state of the microlight field, and its specific setting. 
The flight commander remains the only person responsible for his flight. 
In there is any doubt, it is better not to fly!.

1 Flying over the landing field (PS N : 45°18’07’’N and 005°54’22’’E) is formally forbidden.

2. Flying over residential areas of LUMBIN is formally forbidden to motorized aircraft flying below 1500ft above the ground (AGL). No flight on St Hilaire du Touvet and all "Plateau des Petites Roches", and along the cliff of "Dent de Crolles".

3. All paramotor flights over any area of LUMBIN are formally prohibited under the municipal by-laws.

4. The microlight field in Lumbin is only open during the Coupe  ICARE  at the following times (local times):
o Saturday 24th September 2016 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
o Sunday 25th
September 2016 from 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
o No flights are permitted outside these times.

It is totally forbidden to fly in any of the territory (ZRT) on Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 6:0 p.m.  This timeslot is strictly reserved for demonstration flights organized by the Coupe Icare.

5. GPS Coordinates of the microlight field in Lumbin  N 45°18'125’’ – E  005°54’58’’

6. Specific details concerning the microlight field:  Available landing and take-off length is 200 metres  (with an additional 100 metres distance for security reasons),  the width is 10 metres, the earth surface consists of agricultural grassland, packed down in a basic way.  This microlight field is to be used by microlights, with all-wheel equipment, of both weight shift and 3-axis aircraft classed as «  STOL » (Short take-off and landing) with wheels of 400.    We recommend all pilots inspect the field before using it.  The flight directors deny all responsibility where a pre-flight inspection has not occurred.

7.  Every flight pilot should check in advance that his machine is compatible in terms of performance with the characteristics of the field and with his level of experience.  In case of doubt it is better not to fly or to go and land at the Versoud Aerodrome a few minutes away (please refer to the VAC LFLG map) or make a check of the field on foot under the normal methods.

1. Field Axis  03/21 ; preferably 03 with corn cut to a height of 2m50 m  at the start of the landing approach and a ditch at the near side of the field with a 20m approach road.

2. Approach must necessarily be from the North-East  (from the valley) : Please refer to the flight map.

3. Ground Altitude terrain  720ft ( 220m) above sea level ;  Generally a rear wind at 600ft (200m) above ground level

4.  It is formally forbidden to fly over the public both in the valley and on the plateau des Petites Roches, as well as the hang-gliding and paragliding landing zones. (see attached flight maps that are included in posters around the ground.

5.  The radio frequency to be used on the microlight ground in Lumbin is 128.700 .   Please contact 5 minutes before arriving in the zone, to get flight instructions and coordination of take offs and landings of other microlights and helicopters.

6. A wind sock is located at the North West section of the field.

- No fuel is available on the microlight field.
- Free shuttle buses are available to microlight pilots wearing a nominative «Pilote ULM» badge.  These badges will be distributed on arrival after submission of the « pilote /Machine » enrolment form.

Contact and information from the microlight Flight Directors:  
- Microlight flight Director: Louis COLLARDEAU   cell phone 06 07 03 80 88
or Secondary Microlight flight directors :
   - Jean Marc CHEVALLET cell phone 06 82 81 42 62
   - Alain CATALAN cell phone 06 71 02 71 08

   - Christian ROBERT cell phone 06 11 40 44 52

Have a great COUPE ICARE, great flights and in particular safe flights.

Download the instructions for microlight pilots 2016

Document PDFulm consigne pilote ULM CI 2016.pdf

Downloard the landing

Image JPEGulm piste_ulm.jpg

Download the inscription form

Document Wordulm fiche enregistrement pilote Coupic.doc

Download the vue of the ULM landing

Document PDFulm vue detail piste ULM Lumbin accés zone public .pdf

Download the SUP AIP 176/16

Document PDFLF_Sup_A_2016_176_fr.pdf


Alongside the Coupe association is thirty partner organizations, nearly 1,000 volunteers who participated in the elaboration of this event! Many thanks to them for their time, their energy, their smile and their commitment to our side!

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